vendredi 5 octobre 2007

Gand juillet 2007

11/07/07 - GENTH
The young driver with the cap who comes to pick us up at the airport isn't aware of the fact that the beautiful 4X4 he's driving will cause us some problems ...When we leave the parking, a good intentioned guy knocks at the back of the car to inform us that the right tyre is flat. We park the car immediatly in a service station and Salvatore Dardano and I try to change the tyre. Patrick Muller, who's a guy of good advice, observes us whilst eating his sandwich, as to the young driver, he's on the phone, and is frantically moving about to get us out of this mess as soon as possible as we do have a serious problem to resolve : the jack is not adapted to that type of car, we try to install it as good as possible but the wheel is too big. I find a piece of wood and put it under the jack; we finally succeed in changing the wheel. A good advice from a friend : do not buy a 4 x 4 Honda, it is expensive, it is polluting, and moreover, the furniture deliverd with it to change the wheels is not adapted, which is quite unbelieveable for a car that costs as much as buying a house to renovate in Bretagne or Marocco. Genth is a beautiful city, Marguerite Yourcenar describes it very well in the beginning of her roman "L'oeuvre au noir". The concert is good, I suffer from a very acid sound on stage, I feel like distillating lemon juice and the responsable for the reverbs has limited competences, the group plays well and the public sends us back a very
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